You cannot register your company through Equityspace. You will need to register your company first and then add it to Equityspace.

Outlined below are the ways to quickly get your company registered.

For more information about registering a company and the things you should consider please refer to ASIC's website.

Through your accounting or legal advisor (Recommended)

Unless you are experienced with setting up companies we recommend that you see advice from a qualified advisor. They will be able to help you understand if a company is right for you and identify issues that you may not have thought of.

Paying an advisor will cost more to register the company, however, may save you from making mistakes that will cost you later on. Advisor fees will generally include some advice about your specific situation and documentation such as the company constitution and related governance documents.


ASIC registration fee $488 (2018 financial year)
Advisor fees of generally $800 to $1,200

Directly with the Australian Government Business Registration Service

The BRS allows you to register a company directly with ASIC. There are no middlemen and your company will be registered almost instantly as long as there are no problems with your registration.

At the same time you can register your company for other registrations such as GST, PAYG and other taxes.

By registering a company through the BRS, your company will not have any governance documents (i.e. a constitution) and will be governed by the replaceable rules in the Corporations Act. 


ASIC registration fee $488 (2018 financial year)

Through a third party online service

There are a number private third party services that can guide you through the process of registering a company in more detail and provide you with governance documentation.

At this time we do not currently recommend any particular provider.

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