A great feature in Equityspace is the ability to use your own documentation in the different transactions and events that Equityspace handles.

You can currently use create custom templates for the following documents:

  • Director consents
  • Share certificates

We are working on adding more events that can use DOCX templates.

Document templates can be created using Microsoft Word (or any other word processing application that uses the .docx file format).

Creating a custom template is easy and you can design it to include any specific wording or aesthetic design. 

Creating a template

You can start from scratch or use the starter templates we provide. 

The starter templates can be found in the relavant help articles and contain all the necessary merge fields which you can position however you like.

If you are starting from scratch you'll need to insert the merge fields yourself. We've outlined how merge fields work below. The specific merge fields you need to use can be found in the relevant help articles.

Working with merge fields in Microsoft Word

If you have previously created mail merged documents in Microsoft Word, you will recognise that the concepts are the same. 

Instead of using data from a spreadsheet, the merge fields correspond to data in Equityspace. This data is pulled from the relevant data in Equityspace when you create a document.

What is a merge field?

Merge fields are contained within double arrows like this <<merge_field>>.
You can confirm text is valid merge field as it will be highlighted grey when you click on it.

Inserting a merge field

The starter templates contain working merge fields already so you can move these around by using cut and paste (just be sure to check that you move the entire field and that it is still a merge field after it has been moved).

To insert a merge field from scratch follow these steps:

1. Place the cursor at the location in the document where you want the merge field to appear.

2. In your Word document go to the 'Insert' tab on the ribbon

3. Then find the 'Quick Parts' menu in the Text section

4. Select 'Field'

5. In the Field modal:

  • select 'MergeField' as the Field name type
  • enter the relevant merge Field name which can be found in the relevant help article (the example used below is for the 'director_full_name' merge field used in the Director Consent to Act document)
  • Select 'OK'

6. The merge field will be insterted into your document! 

Editing a merge field

You can edit the field if you need to by right clicking on the field and selcting 'Edit'. This will repone the Field modal.

Images in document templates

You can put images such as you company logo in your document templates. Just make sure the file format is .jpg or .png.

We reccommend that you avoid using images or keep their use to a minimum. By sticking to text, you are less likely to encounter problems with your document formatting.

Small logos in the header or footer of the page or contained on their own page (i.e. cover pages) are the best place to put images.

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