When to use this process

This process is used when you have already issued your shares and you want to add the share issue to Equityspace. 

If your shareholders log in to Equityspace they will be able to view information about their shareholding including any documents you upload during the process e.g share certificates.

If you are creating a new issue, you should follow the process in this article.

What is a share issue?

A share issue refers to an issue of shares to one or more shareholders on a particular date. Shares in a share issue must:

  • be issued on the same date;
  • be of the same class of shares; and
  • have the same price; 

If you want to issue shares with different characteristics then you need to create a share issue for each group of shares with the same characteristics as outlined above.

Before you start

Before you add your existing share issue to Equityspace, you should have all the information you need at hand. This includes the following.

For the share issue

  • Meeting minutes or circulating resolution of the directors that authorises the issue.
  • Meeting minutes or circulating resolution of the shareholders that waives their pre-emptive rights (or provides other necessary authorisation for the share issue)

These documents should be uploaded as a Meeting Minute or Resolution under Documents before creating the share issue.

For each shareholder

  • Email of the shareholder
  • Share certificate (if you have a certificated register this is required)
  • Application for Shares or Share Subscription Agreement
  • Deed of accession to the shareholders agreement (if you have one)
  • Any other documents that you want to file with the share issue and make available to the shareholder

You should have all the information you need in the documents above. However, you should check that you have the following details about the shareholder.

  • Entity type - individual, company, trust or partnership
  • Trustee name (if applicable)
  • Address
  • If the shareholder is an Australian company, the company's Australian Company Number (ACN)

Creating a share issue

To create the share issue go to the company then Securities > Shares

Then click New > Issue

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