The Holders tab lists all the current shareholders of your company including:

  • the holders name;
  • the class of shares they hold;
  • how many shares they hold in that class; and 
  • what percentage of ownership their holding represents in the company.

If you don't have any shareholders listed, you will need to add them by issuing shares. 

You can view further details about the user or the shareholder along with the details of their holding in the Action menu on the right of their record.

Share Issues

 A share issue is an issue of shares of the same class of shares made to one or more shareholders on particular date.

The Share Issues tab lists the share issues that have been made including:

  • the issue date;
  • the class of shares that have been issued;
  • the total quantity of shares in the issue; and 
  • the status of the issue.

A share issue may have the following status:

  • Issued - The share issue is complete
  • Pending - The share issue is in draft.

Share Classes

A class of shares is a type of share that has certain rights and restrictions attached to it by the company's governance documents. 

The share class tab lists all the classes of shares including:

  • the name of the class of shares;
  • the total number of shares that have been issued in that class;
  • the total value of the share capital that has been raised in that class.

The View button on the right on the right of the class will allow you to view and edit the details of the class.

Share Transfers

A share transfer is a transfer of shares from one holder to another.

The share transfer tab lists all the transfers of shares including:

  • the transfer date;
  • the seller name (the transferor);
  • the buyer name (the transferee);
  • the class of shares that have been transferred; and
  • the number of shares transferred.

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